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There’s no denying the fact that “you are what you eat,” but it implies differently when you find out a life growing inside you. Experiencing pregnancy is one of the beautiful phases of a woman’s life, but at the same time, it accompanies several stress and doubts. One of the essential factors that determine the healthy growth of your baby is taking adequate care of your diet throughout the whole pregnancy period.

Everything you eat possesses a direct and clear impact on both your and baby’s body. Besides, consuming unhealthy or vile food items can show you a red signal to reconsider your food selections with keeping the sensitive baby development in mind. Feeling intense hunger, odd cravings, adverse pregnancy reactions, erratic mood swings, especially during the second and third trimester surely craves for an appetizing, healthy, and easy-to-digest meal plan on the table.

However, if you think excessive eating or gulping scraps will do the work for you, then you’re highly mistaken. It does nothing except stuffing calories in your body with resulting in significant body deficiencies in the baby. Thus, to ensure your pregnancy is all safe and healthy, choose foods filled with wholesome nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Why choosing healthy foods in your pregnancy essential? healthy foods during pregnancy

Absorbing nutrient-rich foods in all your three trimesters ensures you a smooth and uncomplicated delivery. Plus, it puts your body and mind at ease to lose those bulky extra pounds post-pregnancy that you most likely gain while eating for two. According to research by the national academy of nutrition, the weight you gain during pregnancy is useful and crucial to securing a healthy baby. Therefore, don’t hesitate to increase your diet plan meals but make sure that they are enough sumptuous and healthy to please your tummy and make your fetus grow strong and healthy inside.

With that said, take a look at these personally tried and tested 6 healthy foods to eat during your pregnancy so that your baby has a beautiful time swirling in your uterus.

Treat your tastebuds and expect a healthy baby by consuming these healthy foods.  healthy foods during pregnancy

  1. Dairy product:

The extreme enrichment of calcium in low-fat dairy products makes it a mandatory food item to include in your pregnancy meal plan. From strengthening the muscles, developing teeth and bones to supporting every organ’s growth; the crucial high-quality proteins, phosphorus, and calcium present in dairy products ensures a complete yet robust baby development.

Preferably, Greek yogurt, milk, cheese, paneer, and whole milk are some best sources to meet the 1,000 mg calcium demands of a pregnant woman’s body. Yet, don’t risk eating dairy products if you’re lactose intolerant; in that case, look for effective alternatives.

  1. Sweet potatoes:

Your pregnancy period can surely make you miss many spicy, sugary, and flavorful meals that you’re restricted to avoid but not anymore. The countless delicious recipes of sweet potatoes can ideally satisfy your appetite at any hour. Try a tasty grilled sweet potato crispbread sandwich with pepper seasoning or mashed sweet potato and lentil soup to fill lighter appetites.

Besides, the rich presence of beta carotene (vitamin A) sustains important body metabolisms such as sugar level, blood pressure, and regular blood flow and support eye growth, plus an improved vision of the baby. No matter which morning sickness you woke up with; start your day with a little spicy baked, mashed, or french-fried form sweet potato so that you don’t disturb your digestive system and meet your iron and mineral quota seamlessly.

  1. Salmon:

It is an exceptionally beneficial and healthy food to hop on during your pregnancy. Not only does it contribute to developing vital organs like the eyes, heart, brain, etc., but it is also the only sea-food that is harmless for both mother and baby. The best use of useful omega 3-fatty acids, vitamin D, and lean protein in salmon helps keep the baby safe from any abnormality or incomplete development.

Be it smoked, baked, grilled, garnished salmon with veggies, oatmeal, or salmon steak and stew for your heavier mealtimes; they always top the page when preparing a tasty and baby-favorite meal for pregnant moms. Plus, salmon also makes up a strong immune system with effective WBCs to get safe from terrible illnesses like COVID, congenital infections, chickenpox, HIV (aids), etc.   

  1. Eggs:

Being a nourishing source of essential proteins, eggs can do wonders in both the mom’s and developing baby’s body.  Moreover, they are a fully loaded package of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and choline, contributing to preparing an active immune system in babies. The increasing rate of neurological disorders in newborns often makes a significant cause of worry for pregnant moms. But, an adequate and regular intake of eggs cooked into delicious recipes like scrambled eggs sandwich, fried egg rice, spicy French omelets is incredible to bash up your morning sickness smartly.

Don’t over-eat eggs; instead, follow a routine to eat around 2 hard-boiled eggs daily of 7 grams each. It will be a great helping hand for your infant to generate, repair, and refresh organs like the baby’s brain and spine.

  1. Green Vegetables:

This might not be an ideal food item to eat as per your taste buds, but you cannot deny the numerous advantages of green vegetables to the baby. The richness of fiber, folate, calcium, iron, zinc, etc., takes good care of sufficiently fulfilling the body’s mineral requirements and boosting the brain. Despite taking them in raw form, spruce up the veggie’s taste by cooking them with your favorite ingredients, using minimal oil and saturated fats.

Some tasty and easy-to-make vegetable recipes include kale salad with spinach and broccoli, grilled chicken sandwich folded in cabbage leaves and green bell peppers, mixed vegetable stew, soup, etc. However, try to avoid red vegetables and stop consuming any of these if you experience nausea or vomiting.

  1. Nuts:

Nuts are the perfect light, wholesome food ingredients to content your cravings rather than looking for unhealthy high-calorie snacks. Pregnant women love eating nuts during cramps or mood swings as you can eat as much as you want without the fear of weight gain and can stack up in the purse for later appetite calls. These crunchy, tasty little dozes of minerals, vitamins, and essential fibers prepare your body for intense cramps and Labour pain – the worst nightmare of every pregnant mom.

Also, pistachios, almonds, and cashew fill the deficiency of magnesium and essential nutrients in the mother’s body. To satisfy your sweet tooth, try delicious nuts-based recipes like; nuts milkshakes, almond sweet bliss balls, nuts trifles, peanut cookies, and mixed nuts bites but with minimal sugar use.

How to find healthy alternatives for my unhealthy cravings?

Experiencing little fun moments with your fetus inside is so pleasing unless it gives you strange, unhealthy cravings at odd hours of the day. Craving times differ in every other pregnant woman concerning the intensity of the craving. As stated by Pregnancy facts, pregnant women probably mostly encounter strange, unhealthy food cravings in their starting weeks that is the first trimester and can extend up to the second and third trimester.

If you’re a pregnant woman or trying to be one, then make sure you stock up these healthy alternatives in your kitchen stacks before your baby’s health gets at risk due to intake of healthy foods.

  • Sparkling water with ice for soda
  • Whole grain bread for pizza dough
  • Low-fat banana recipes for desserts
  • Oatmeal recipes for low-fiber cereals
  • Baked potato or tortillas chips for fried foods
  • Greek yogurt for sour creams
  • Grilled burger for heavy hamburgers
  • Fruit juices for unpasteurized juices
  • Nutty cakes for sugary cakes, pastries, etc.

How many doses of vitamins should you take?

Once you feel your baby growing up too fast and gulping all the nutrition you take even asking for more; then it’s the right time to look for healthy supplements/ vitamins aside from your healthy diet. They are also helpful when you don’t feel in-taking heavy meals but have to fill the daily nutrition requirement. Thus, here are a few health supplements that play a key role during your pregnancy and show increasing love for your baby.

Name Of


FunctionRequirements per day
Folic acid (vitamin B)Prevention from neurological disorders0.4 milligrams
Iron supplementsProduction of hemoglobin27 milligrams
Calcium supplementsPrevention from osteoporosis1000 milligrams
Vitamin D supplementsStrong immune system400 milligrams
Iodine supplementsSatisfying prenatal requirements0.22 milligrams
DHA supplementsEye and brain development600 milligrams


Being pregnant definitely doesn’t confine you to eat unsavory or displeasing foods throughout the whole pregnancy period. We bet you falling in love by regularly in-taking our recommended meal plan as soon as you start it. Nevertheless, you can always team up these primary healthy food items with other interesting ingredients regarding your taste preference and pregnancy cravings. From fighting different food cravings to finding healthy food alternatives; our tried and tested pregnancy guidelines will help you give the best to your baby from day 1 of your pregnancy period.

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