10 Habits Science Says Will Improve Your Mental Health

In this blog post, you’ll find 10 habits science says will improve your mental health. The idea is to get rid of bad habits and replace them with good ones in order to make room for creativity. These are all things we’ve done at some point in our lives, maybe even daily, which have made us feel worse about ourselves or less creative. Breaking these habits could help you focus on what matters most: being the best version of yourself possible!

1. Stop apologizing for everything:

Do you find yourself saying sorry when someone bumps into you? Or are you the kind of person that says sorry for no reason at all – except to make other people think more highly of you? You should start rethinking this habit because it’s actually making you appear less confident and less powerful. People will actually think you are apologizing for being there in the first place.

2. Stop procrastinating:

The two words “I’ll do it later” have messed up many of our days. If you’re one of those people that didn’t get their homework done on time, just went out with friends instead of studying, or missed deadlines at work thanks to procrastination, you should know that it’s messing up your mental health. And yes, this is bad not only for your grades or job performance but also for your overall happiness.

3. Stop multitasking:

Yes, we’ve all heard people say how awesome it is to be able to do multiple things at once. But the truth is that it’s not good for your brain. If you’re constantly switching from one task to another, this will wear out your brain because it has to deal with distraction after distraction after distraction. Not only that but you’ll end up missing something important in at least one of the tasks you’ve been juggling at once!

4. Start taking care of your body:

Everybody takes care of their clothes and/or shoes, but have you ever thought your body deserves the same treatment? Or do you take it for granted as if it’s an object that will never break down or wear out? This is a bad way to think, as your mental health would benefit from proper care. Washing your hands regularly and thoroughly is a good first step.

5. Stop being so hard on yourself:

Some of us have been called perfectionists, but this might not be a good thing after all! Perfectionism is one of the biggest enemies of creativity because it makes you focus on all the things that are wrong with your work rather than what’s right with it. You might think you’re doing the right thing, but remember that even one of the most successful people on our planet – Elon Musk – says perfectionism actually holds people back.

6. Limit your social media time:

You need to stop checking social media all day long because this is only making you feel worse about yourself! If you want to be more social, go out and meet real people. And if some of those people have social media profiles as well, there’s nothing wrong with looking at them occasionally. But first and foremost, focus on improving your own life before thinking about others!

7. Stop being a perfectionist:

The word “perfectionism” is basically a synonym for “stressed out”. If you turn every single thing you do into a project in which all is at stake, your mental health might end up suffering. No one has ever reached perfection and only those people who learn to accept this reality will be able to produce something truly valuable!

8. Stop worrying about what other people think:

This is probably one of the most harmful mental habits out there – and I didn’t even mention it in my previous article about mental health. If you’re constantly worrying about what other people say or think, this will make them look bigger than they really are in front of you. And even when they do look bigger, their opinions aren’t always right!

9. Stop comparing yourself to other people:

This is another habit that makes you think people are bigger than they actually are – and it also affects your mental health in a negative way. You can never reach the same level of success as other people because you have different priorities and abilities! So stop trying if this doesn’t make you happy.

10. Start focusing on the positive things in your life:

If you’re like most people, then you probably spend too much time complaining about all the negative things that are happening to you. If this sounds like what’s currently going on in your life, you need to change it! Stop thinking about the bad stuff and start focusing on all the good things you have. This is the only surefire way to improve your mental health!

how can we improve our mental health

1) Replace worry with curiosity: Worrying about the future only makes us more anxious, while a sense of curiosity can help us look forward to what might come our way.

2) Don’t multitask: You can’t drive a car in first gear and reverse at the same time. Likewise, you shouldn’t try to use different types of thinking simultaneously. You’ll strip your mental gears.

3) Create before evaluating: In order to create more and better ideas, you must separate creation from evaluation.

4) Keep your inner circle small: Fewer relationships to maintain means less pressure.

5) Close the door on past mistakes: You’re never going to undo or redo what you did in the past, so stop thinking about it.

6) Practice self-compassion instead of self-esteem: People with high self-esteem tend to be more aggressive and show less concern for the welfare of others.

7) Give up on comparing yourself: The only person you should compete against is yourself.

8) Make time for mindfulness: It’s difficult to get in touch with your own sense of self without  taking the time to step outside of your daily routine and simply be.

9) Be grateful for what you have: Studies show people who count their blessings are happier and healthier than those who don’t.

10) Remember that time is limited: Once tomorrow becomes today, the past becomes history, and the future shrinks away to nothing.


It can be hard to change old habits and start new ones, but as we all know, it’s worth the struggle. Science has shown that by getting into these 10 habits you will see a significant improvement in your mental health. These are just some of the things science says will improve your mental health

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