11 Ways to Get Out of A Negative Mindset?

“Happiness has always been and will always be an inside job!”

As stress builds up over time, it can become so great that you cannot see beyond it. You feel blocked from the fun that comes with events, which usually lightens your mood. Even if you can name those positives, you do not feel them. If you are burdened by stress, restlessness, lethargy, and negativity, you may find it impossible to feel good again. But there are ways to feel better about yourself. But there are several ways to feel better.

When you feel trapped in a negative mindset, you may have to force yourself to do things that can help you escape it. Regardless of how it feels and how your life is full of difficulties and restrictions brought by COVID-19 – life is not all bad. At the risk of being called a Pollyanna, you can greatly benefit from looking for opportunities and bright spots to improve your life.

Some ways to help you feel better are:

1. Limit Screen Time

Especially with the massive increase in the number of people working from home, most of them spend so much time on their tablets, phones, and computers that they often feel a sense of numbing from it. While it is easier to stay glued to your device and your seat, try to take your attention away from your screen when you are not working. You should get involved in something in your environment or go out to enjoy another one.

2. Meditation

Make it a habit to set aside 5-10 minutes each day to meditate. If exercising in the early morning is not practical, make time during the day. Try this five-minute mindful meditation or do a walking meditation in your spare time. Make this appointment with yourself, and do not miss it. In no time, you will start to see the gains in terms of reduced stress, greater mental clarity, and an enhanced feeling of centeredness.

3. Mind & Body Exercise

Exercise will boost your mood and the recent rise in group fitness mind-body classes emphasizes that. Smart workout enthusiasts have been doing this for years by taking a revolutionary mind-body exercise, intenSati, where you train your mind to speak positive thoughts and use the class’s intentions in your daily life. A phrase that is used out loud in class is, “All negative thoughts stop right now!”

4. Adopt A Positive Morning Routine

Thinking begins early in the morning. When you control your thinking, you control your life. Negative thinking can slow things down. You must take every thought captive by replacing thoughts of fear with thoughts of belief and hope. One of the tools used by many great thinkers is developing a morning routine where they read something positive and encouraging every morning.

5. Work with An Active Mindset

There is no alternative for a bulletproof mindset. The key is finding an exercise that works for you. When you train different types of clientele, each group works differently. The only thing which is true and practical is that there is no standard practice. Your mindset practice is completely personalized. It will develop gradually depending on the limiting beliefs you want to remove and the positive traits you want to instill in your daily life. The most important piece of advice is to stick with it. Start a routine that works best for you. Do not stop until you have mastered the program of your choice.

6. Make Productive Use of Alone Time

This is especially important considering the recent restrictions in activities. You should reflect more on yourself and your life to make it clear what is important to you. Find ways to lead a meaningful and engaged life. You can find things to do in your alone time, such as work to gain clarity on long-term plans or take an online class in something you have always wanted to learn. 

7. Strengthen Your Relationships

Pay attention to your relationships if they feel tense. Think about steps you can take to solve problems and strengthen a sense of closeness. Finding fun activities to do together often helps, like watching a movie you both like, then talking about it afterward.

8. Slow Down and Appreciate the Moment

Being less busy can leave you frustrated as you look for ways to get back to your previous active pace. But if you decide to live more purposely, attending to each experience and what it offers, you can find a great sense of calmness. This could mean enjoying a meal before you, appreciating the beauty of the snow outside, or engaging in a fun activity with a partner or friend. 

9. Enjoy the Great Outdoor Activities

Even if you do not feel the urge to go out, doing so can be re-energizing. You may be more likely to describe it as refreshing or even shocking cold in frigid winter temperatures. However, you may feel better about your efforts.

10. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Leave an envelope with a small gift for the deliveryman who delivers your supplies outside your door or have a cup of coffee delivered to your doorman. Your kindness does not require monetary outlay. Write a book review for a friend of yours who is a writer. Email a friend or colleague a note of appreciation. Thank the guards in your building or workplace for their efforts to ensure your safety. Think of those people who can benefit from your thoughtfulness and generosity.

11. Take A daily inventory 

End your day with a positive appreciation for something you have achieved, learned, or are grateful for. It will help you reduce some of the negativity you have absorbed and remind you that not everything that happens is depressing or bad.

The Takeaway

Looking for positive things when you are not in the right mood can feel like you are lying to yourself. Acknowledge the challenges and emotional struggles in your life. Then try to find a way out of your depression, emotional anxiety, or general malaise. By constantly finding ways to feel better about yourself, you can help yourself get the most out of your life.

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