It’s time for a change! Yes, the change of all those bad habits into good ones that you’ve been trying to accomplish for ages. Deciding to eliminate a bad habit is itself a huge achievement but the struggle doesn’t stop here. Eradicating an unfavorable or poor habit might look normal to own for now but can put you in immense crises if not treated today.With respecting your countless efforts of resisting yourself to attempt that particular habit but ultimately ending up doing that. We all have been there. From biting nails or consuming lots of fats to going to bed right after eating and gulping gallons of water during eating; a habit can be anything that you’ve constantly been doing for a long time and your body has noticed it.

Undeniably, our body is a lot smarter than ever we can think of. It keenly monitors our every action and sends message signals to the brain for performing the same thing at the exact time. Let’s understand by an example: Have you ever developed a habit of waking up or falling asleep at the same time on which you have been doing for some days. It’s because of the circadian rhythm (internal body clock) that effectively makes action we perform our strong habits and notifies us if we’ve missed anything that was supposed to be done at a certain time.

With that said, here we have discovered an influential concept of the habit loop you’re trapped into and effective strategies to break down the habit loop smartly.  This concept is basically derived from the best-selling book of Charles Duhigg- The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.” It is equally divided into three-main steps that you must read with complete focus to connect each one with the other and practically apply to your habits. Let’s start with the first:


  1. Cue:

A cue basically relates to all those points when your body triggers your brain to possess that habitual behavior. However, when the brain falls asleep, this habitual behavior gets on autopilot and takes the form of a routine. A cue can be comprehended by 5 major components that help eradicate this foundation of a bad habit loop from the roots. These are:

  • location
  • time
  • current emotional state
  • people around you
  • your last action

The last time you were chilling at your home on the couch at 5:pm while watching your ex getting married to your puppy was the minute when you harshly bite all the nails and surrounding skin between your sharp teeth. This is the ideal example of a cue and as long as your brain remembers it, you’re never going to succeed in breaking the habit loop. Thus, bring a prominent change in all these factors by choosing a different time to scroll your feed, do it on your bed or in the loo so that you have no –one around, and wipe your tears with toilet paper whenever any news like this comes off.

  1. Routine:

As long as we know, a routine is known to be a systemic way of performing your daily tasks without any long gap in between. Such as, brushing your teeth soon after waking up, checking the lipstick shade or adjusting pants before stepping out, etc. All these activities are called to be involuntary activities that at one time we miserably fail to do no matter how much we stop ourselves.

However, in order to change the routine, try looking for better alternatives and trick your mind with its perks. Like, go with a low-calorie Greek yogurt rather than gulping on melted cheese that you intentionally forgot to keep in the fridge or walk a few miles after work by leaving your car in the parking area. Such strategies can help you conquer your routines eventually with a firm mindset. With that said, let’s see what we have on next.

  1. Reward:

Once you’ve accomplished identifying a cue and, treating it; plus, changing your routine successfully. Now, it’s the right time to aware your mind about the rewards or punishment a certain habit offers your body. Such as, daily brushing can maintain your oral health but consuming excessive sweets before bed can welcome many cavities. As per natural human behavior, your mind will only accept logical reasons that make sense. Thus, reinforce your memory on the article you read on the sugar- as the white poison or preferably hear audios that sit in your mind. A pro tip: Audio and visuals are more productive to be remembered than reading.

This strategy is basically another name of iron cuts iron as you’ll be counterstriking the adverse impacts of that bad habit from the opposite end of a habit loop. Once your mind is partially convinced in breaking that habit, treat it with different surprises that go in the favor of a good habit which you’re looking forward to adopting.

Tips to consider:  

  1. Being a flaw-less human, you’re more likely to forget or miss any one of these three important steps or its sequence on your way to achieve the aim of breaking the habit loop. Thus, write down these steps and mind-striking points that stop you from repeating those bad habits when you’re right on the verge to delete those.
  2. Be patient and adopt self-discipline once you’ve decided to leave an irritating habit forever, don’t be impulsive or rush onto any opportunity that attracts you to repeat that habit.
  3. The only way to follow every step with dedication and ultimately achieve your goal is by staying motivated throughout the process. Motivation only comes from inside and only you’re going to accept the struggle that you might face with achieving remarkable milestones.


Habits are all fine and amazing ways to keep your body systematic unless it takes control over your mind or possesses serious harmful effects on the body. Breaking the habit loop is a lot easier if you have the final state in front of your mind. Pat yourself at the back every time you go a mile forth to break the bad habit and take powerful steps towards quality and healthy lifestyle.

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